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quiksilver3865 c.king812 at yahoo.com
Sun May 7 21:25:04 CEST 2017

Thanks for throwing that together. Yours looks like it works no problem.
I went through and copied everything. I changed the board names from P1,
P2, etc. It still does not work. I honestly do not know what is wrong. I
went through and made sure all of the trait orders matched. I literally
copy and pasted your syntax for the send to location and gkc related to
the secondary. The primary card works flawlessly. I've got all the
resets programmed so I can run the Primary over and over again without
issue. The secondary will still not even move though. Any suggestions as
to how I could figure out where it is failing? This is getting slightly

Out of curiosity couldn't you clean up the code a little bit and say
CurrentBoard!~Gameboard instead of CurrentBoard=~P1|P2|P3|P4 ?

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