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rrvs spideratj at aol.com
Mon May 8 15:26:08 CEST 2017

Yeah, I hear you.  Sometimes it's like HAL's just sitting there saying,
"Sorry, Dave, I'm afraid that's not it either."

You said you changed your board names to P1 etc... double check it was a
board name change and not the map name.  Double check that any pieces
already added to those boards (cards/decks, etc) belong to those new
board names (via at-start stack properties or deck properties, etc).

Another thing I'd check again is instances of CTRL 3 (your map-based
GKC)... make sure you're using ctrl button 3 for the keyboard command
(in the primary cards' gkc trait that sends for the secondary cards) and
not typing in CTRL 3.  Then make sure it's ctrl button 3 for the map

Then I'd add a test Report Action (reporting "primary cards") triggered
by CTRL 3 and add it to your primary cards, then add a test report
action "secondary cards" triggered by sendSecondary and place that one
in your secondary cards' prototype.  Run that.  If the CTRL 3 trigger
report action didn't fire once for each primary card hitting the main
map, then something's wrong there.  If it did, and the "sendSecondary"
report action didn't fire, then something's wrong with the primary's gkc
trait that sends for them.  If both fired, then something's wrong with
the secondary cards getting the message to move but not moving.

Hopefully that will narrow the problem down.  You can also eliminate the
matching properties on some of these traits and add 'em back in one by

And yeah you could use CurrentBoard!~Gameboard instead, or even remove
that part altogether if it doesn't matter.

Good luck!

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