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Fri May 12 15:25:56 CEST 2017

Great!  Sounds like a different approach, and I'm not really
understanding the 'another counter' process you're describing, or how
(the secondary card?) knows the BasicName of the card selected as
Primary, but as long as it works for you!  I ended making a few changes
to that test mod, so will post it anyway since I have it, but hope it
doesn't get in the way of what you have going.  So have a look if need
be, but it does sound like different approaches at this point, so not
sure it'll help.

Re the added test mod, I added the selection process for the cards and
some report actions.  Sign-in as Player 3 (red cards).  I added the
other player windows, with two start-up gkc's that auto-select all the
other relevant cards in order to run the test.

I found I had a slight typo in the PrimaryLocation global... it should
be initial value of 0, with 0-4 as its numerical values (I had 0, 1-4).

I changed the 'ends movement' gkc for Gameboard to: GameboardGKC, as I
didn't want the CTRL 3 selection of clearing a card's status to initiate
a secondary card draw.  So the relevant gkc trait in the pieces
prototype (which is now used by all the cards - I combined the two
separate prototypes I'd had previously) is now triggered by
GameboardGKC.  I also changed its matching properties to:
which you'd suggested. Oh, that first part (CurrentBoard!=Gameboard) is
needed I found (I thought maybe it could dropped altogether in a
previous post) or the cards go infinite loop when they hit the main

You can switch which of the cards you select as primary/secondary and
their placement in the order on the main map changes.  It'd need
something added later to prevent a player from accidentally selecting
more than one primary and secondary card of course, but just wanted this
part working.  Hope it helps, although as I say it sounds like a
different set-up than yours.  Any questions regarding it though, just

Good luck!
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