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rrvs spideratj at aol.com
Sun May 14 16:10:17 CEST 2017

Without knowing more, I actually like the marker idea.  With that many
hexes, I'd probably want my starting default for them to be nothing. 
Then, depending on how hex control is won, I'd place a hidden marker in
that hex.

The markers can be invisible, and never directly handled, so no clutter.
 Or they can have a small player designation (perhaps in a corner of the
hex), so one can quickly note who controls it.  The marker can detail,
through any number of methods, including a visible, automated tally on
the game board itself, the hexes under each player's control.  You could
additionally add a full hex-shaped layer to those (in whatever color for
whatever side), that can be toggled on/off with a main toolbar button,
like you mentioned.  If an opposing player gains control of that hex,
their marker ideally would automatically delete the previous marker,
ensuring the change in control is properly tallied.

Here's some problems though (the first that come to mind)... 1) if a hex
is lost somehow w/o an opposing unit taking it over, then that's more
difficult to account for. But as long as you know of all the ways it can
happen, it can be managed.  But... 2) if there can be numerous pieces in
a hex (i.e., Player A has three units in a hex and Player B has two
units, so Player A currently has control), then that obviously adds
another layer of complexity to automating the whole thing.  It'd still
be manageable, probably, with some work, but I might reconsider if
that's the case.  But as I say I don't know how the hexes are

I don't know how any of the above would end up actually performing, but
that's where I'd start, depending.  If you detail a bit more on how the
hexes are controlled, that would help.  Anyway, hopefully that gives you
an idea or two.

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