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grouchysmurf lgrabun at gmail.com
Wed May 17 22:31:57 CEST 2017

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I am dabbling with buildFile.

Background: there are >100 cards in the module. The plan is to create a
master data file collating all the data related to the cards: id,
prototypes, markers and generate directly--based on the master
file--corresponding sections of buildFile.

In theory that is quite straightforward.

What puzzles me is the intricate structure of PieceSlot item--who on
Earth came up with that?

Read this:

[code]<VASSAL.build.widget.PieceSlot entryName="Reformed Theology"
gpid="40" height="0"
width="0">+/null/mark;area	mark;id\	piece;;;card033.png;Reformed
Theology/The West	33\	null;0;0;</VASSAL.build.widget.PieceSlot>[/code]

See, there are markers (name of the marker follows the tag mark followed
by a semicolon) but the values of the markers are located at the end of
string (so that it is area=The West and id=33). How?

If I was to add few prototypes to that, the structure gets even more
convoluted. Anyone could please enlighten me on how this string is

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