[messages] [Module Design] Removing all of a certain marker from the map

kbernatz kbernatz at gmail.com
Sat May 20 17:56:40 CEST 2017

Hi DrN,

So for the traits added to the Marker prototype, it goes as follows

add the trait 'Marker'
                Property Name = PieceType
                Property Value = DONE
add the trait 'Delete'
               Keyboard Command = 'Shift-R'

For the button, I use "Add Global Key Command"
                      Description being "Delete DONE markers"
                      key command being 'Shift-R'
                      Matching Properties being exactly the text you
entered above: "CurrentMap = <map name> && PieceType = DONE"
                      Within a Deck being 'Apply to all pieces'
                      Button text = DONE (or anything descriptive); same
for Tooltip text
                      Hotkey = Ctrl-R

So when the button is pressed (or anyone presses Ctrl-R), all of the
DONE markers are deleted.  This is what happens..so awesome!  Thank you
VERY much!


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