[messages] [Module Design] A way of deleting Decks in the main window?

youbrian matrim_sum at yahoo.com.au
Tue May 23 12:06:59 CEST 2017

So, I'm currently making a module which has two game modes.

In both modes, there are Decks on the main map window which are
initially empty. As the game progresses, these Decks soon contain cards
(which are placed there face-down from other windows).

However, the first game mode uses many more Decks than the other. As a
result, when playing the second game mode, there are a bunch of empty,
useless Decks. They get in the way, particularly when you accidentally
place a card on them and it flips upside-down.

I've attached a picture of the problem. Can someone instruct me on how
to give the players the option of permanently deleting the extra, empty
Decks from the board?

(It's always the same Decks, so even a button of some sort which causes
them to be deleted would be fine)
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