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Stiglr allendkrsn at yahoo.com
Wed May 31 03:11:23 CEST 2017

I'm kind of circling around an idea for a module I'm working on that
will involve General Properties and triggers, and before I get hip deep
in it, I have a few questions I'd like answered.

The idea, as I'm seeing it, is to mark about 125 hexes (not always
contiguous, but in clusters as well as onesies and twosies) as objective
hexes.  These hexes need to be kept track of each turn to determine,
among other things, the length of the game.

I'm thinking the best thing to do is to create a Marker called
"Objective Hex" and to imbue it with a series of properties on "layers"
of the markers: showing possession for one side or the other, and 3 - 5
values that will figure in the General Property calculation.  This means
that there would be positive and negative values, a 0 value for hexes
controlled by neither player) and values for a small number of different
hex types.  One additional rules wrinkle is that, late in the game, the
values would double, so I want to allow for that, either with additional
value layers, or with some device that keeps track of the game turn and
does the doubling on its own.

So.... my first question is, can a marker with multiple layers on it,
have a value tied to the level it's currently "displaying"? Or, must I
go about that function some other way? If the latter, what would be a
better way to achieve this?

Where do I write the overall calculation for the __Morale Value__ this
large collection of hexes will generate?  Basically, the Morale Value is
(sum total of the values of hexes one side controls) + (negative sum
total of hexes the other side controls) -1 [for each turn that's
elapsed]. During a turn, the players may capture any of the objective
hexes which would turn them from a 0 (uncontrolled value) to a +/-1 or a
+/-2, and this would be recalculated at the very end of each turn. Would
this "formula" in the General Property I would call Morale?  

How do "triggers" figure into this? Is the capture of any one of the
hexes a "trigger"? Is the player command to total up this Morale Value a
"trigger"?  Can I assign this Morale Calculation into an interface

Second question: if I want to automate the calculation of this Global
Property, if the _values on the markers would double after a certain
game turn_, I suppose I would need to make use of Vassal's Game Turn
counter. Could a trigger be inserted into that Game Turn feature/button
to double the value of the markers in the calculation after a specified
game turn?  Or, would the players have to locate all the captured hexes
on the first game turn that the values were doubled and manually change
the levels on the markers to a different point value? Obviously, it'd be
better if this could be automated.

Third question: Will I be able to set up a button to __Show/Hide all
Morale Markers__ (I plan to make the Markers be non-stackable,
non-moveable, the exact size of a map hex, and to show a light 20% color
tint for all three levels (red, blue and "haze" white), so that they
don't "dominate" the map, but can be seen at a glance.  So, it'd be nice
to have one button where I could toggle on all markers to show the
players the tactical situation at any time.

Any thoughts on any of this? Thanks in advance, because I'm not afraid
to say I'm a little intimidated moving forward with this.

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