[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] Maps not doing what the module sets

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Thu Nov 2 17:43:30 CET 2017

Thus spake palad0n:
> Guys, vassal is not conforming to what the module sets. My module is
> World in Flames. I set up a number of cities for the map that would
> allow for 'send to' commands using decks as the destinations. This
> totally screwed up my stacking layers (I have facilities, convoy, naval,
> land, air and action). Using these decks also screwed with the stacking
> view and stacking expand. So I deleted all these decks from the module
> and sent the modified module to the players. The 'new' module loads the
> game but the on map decks are still there - even though the module does
> no longer define them. I reversed these 'send'to' elements but retained
> some that had other uses and overlays to indicate the weather in each
> zone. These latter elements do not work. The 'send to' zone areas are
> still visible but not active and the weather zone overlays are inactive
> - but appear as 'non active graphics'. Updating counters is easy. Why is
> it so difficult for vassal to update the underlying maps and 'hotspots'
> - hotspots being those ex-deck references and those that should have
> still active? It has, and will continue to, cost me a shite load of time
> redressing this situation - loading a new game and then adding in the
> 6000 odd units to establish the baseline, and then establishing the
> setup for the most used scenario. Can we please make vassal conform with
> what the module specifies, NOT what the saved game files says should
> apply.

I've long thought that storing piece definitions in the save files was
a poor decision. It's one we're going to fix in VASSAL 4. There is no
feasible way to fix it in VASSAL 3, as doing so would break every single
saved game anyone has. Sorry.
> Further rant. Playing world in flames, using a single scale map, would
> be really great if vassal did wrap around. Scrolling from one edge to
> the next and back again is a total pain the backside.


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