[messages] [Module Design] At-Start Stack not starting stacked

LeroyJS leroyjstarship at gmail.com
Sat Nov 4 23:17:22 CET 2017

In one of my Player Hand Windows, I have placed an At-Start stack (a
stack of 10 markers players will need during a turn). However, when I
open the module, the markers are not starting stacked up but rather in a
long horizontal row. 

I have scoured my settings and I cannot figure out why these are not
opening as a Stack.  'Disable Stacking' is NOT checked on any of the
boards. The Player Hand board in question does have three Game Piece
layers, from top to bottom: Map->Card->Marker. The markers in question
all have the Marker Trait Layer>Marker (to allow them to be placed on
cards), so this should not prevent them from stacking together. 

The same thing is also happening in a different window (pieces will not
stack), which I am not as much worried about but perhaps points to a
global or general setting that I have missed.

Can you think of anything that would cause the stack to splay out like

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