[messages] [Module General Discussion] Uploading Modules What should I do?

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Sun Nov 5 14:14:00 CET 2017

Thus spake Angel0616:
> The following is what I have concluded from looking at other .vmod
> files.
> Please, can anyone confirm these?
> The .vmod is actually a renamed zip file and contains all the files
> required to run the module in vassal.
> The .vmod file contains an image folder with all the graphics for the
> module. I assume that all maps, counters and  charts are keep here.
> The predefines scenarios, the .vsav files are here.
> And any readme.txt files.

Yes, those are all correct.
> Could not figure out where the buildFile and moduledata are. The manual
> states that they are automatically created but where are they? How do I
> create them?

The buildFile and moduledata are in the root directory of the .vmod.


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