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Durfio freddonoso at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 14 06:19:03 CET 2017

I realize I'm a little late in replying here, but I'd be interested in
getting in on a game. I'm not really big on voice but I guess I could
set it up if I need to. I'm content typing in a chat box as I often have
a situation where I can be online but not talking. If opponents are okay
with it, I can listen to voice and respond in chat. Some of the games I
have and would be interested in playing are: 
COIN Series: 
Fire in the Lake
Falling Sky
A Distant Plain
Liberty or Death

Other games I have and know how to play: 
Silver Bayonet
Pax Romana

Games I have but still need to learn:
U.S. Civil War (GMT Games) 
Korea: The Forgotten War
Civilization (Avalon Hill 1980)

I'm willing to learn other games if you have and can teach. I am on
Eastern Time, I don't have a set schedule but I can be at least a little
flexible to try and make it work. Prefer 4 players for the COIN games
above and at least 3 for Pax Romana, though FitL seems to work well with
3 and LoD seems fit for a 2 player as well. I prefer campaigns over
short scenarios and live over pbem if possible, but I'll take what I can

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