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ddandres ddandres at telefonica.net
Sun Nov 26 13:40:03 CET 2017

This is really weird.
I experienced the same problem when developing a module and extensions.
HTML Help Files were not properly unzipped: folder created, HTML file
unzipped there, but __folder containing the resources for the HTML
folder (css, icons...) was not there__.

I have tried many different things (apart from checking the code
Finally I got it working by following this procedure:
- Create the HTML Help File using VASSAL Editor.
- Manually unzip the vmod or vmdx files.
- __Manually__ zip the HTML file and resources folder used to display
the web page and icons.
- replace the zip file in the /help folder with the one manually
- Manually zip again the vmod or vmdx files.

Now it works!
Do not ask me why.

Maybe something is funny with the built-in zipper?

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