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barbanera barbanera at fantafoot.com
Sat Sep 2 10:36:35 CEST 2017

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I think I found a couple of issues:

1) __Map Shading__ buttons fail to be grouped in a multi-action or
tool-bar menu: they keep using their own separate button in toolbar.

2) __Area of Effect__ traits using a radius in pixel paint a circle
which is not centered on the piece and is instead offset toward the
bottom right when the zoom level is not 1.0

I worked around the first issue by emptying the map shading button texts
and defining hotkeys for them. Then entered normal global key commands
on the map (which can be grouped no problem) to fire command keys to a
hidden piece on the map which in turn fires those global hotkeys as

Hoping the second issue can be fixed soon, because it just turns out

Using 3.2.17

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