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Detrakios tomb93 at hotmail.fr
Fri Sep 8 16:54:50 CEST 2017


First of all, sorry if i make any mistake, i'm a french native speaker.
Unfortunately i saw that there were no new reply in the french forum for
the past 3-4 years so i had to come here...

So, i'm totally new to Vassal, and tried to manage a new module alone,
with the help of the official support.
However, i came to some (noob) difficulties, sorry if this seems dumb to
you, but if you have the answers it would be helpful  :) 

The purpose of my module is that i want to play Gwent (the card game
from the Witcher) online with my brother. 
I don't have the time (nor the patience for now) to put specific
caracteristics to all the cards, i just want it to be simple.

All i need is : a board to put the cards face up, one pick deck face
down for each, one "dead cards" (i don't know the word sorry) deck face
up for each, and a hidden hand for each player. i don't know if i'm
clear, let me know if not. I don't need specific rules to forbid cheat
moves (as to pick a card in the other player's deck...), my brother and
i will play fair. 
I need to pick cards from the pick deck, that they appear in my hidden
hand (visible for me, hidden for him), place cards face up on the board,
put "killed" cards to the dead deck face up, and pick selected cards
from my dead deck AND my brother's dead deck (it's like a medic/revive
card use).

So i managed to put my personnal board, to put a pick deck face down, a
dead deck face up... however i don't know how to manage the "hidden
hands", i tried but the cards appear weird. I don't know if there is a
way to have clearly a "hand area" on the board, to drag the picked cards
to or something like this, and to be sure that i see my hand cards but
not my brother.
Other problem : the cards are too big for the lines of my boards, but i
don't know how to resize the cards.

Thanks for your help :)

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