[messages] [Module Design] Can you place more than one hexgrid on a mapboard?

Stiglr allendkrsn at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 10 22:58:19 CEST 2017

I've already had some misfortunes trying to place a hexgrid on a map and
having it work with a multi-zone grid.

For one, the "up is down" order of the attributes list tripped me up,
and then I found it just didn't work (at some point, a hex grid inside a
zone did not report movement in the text buffer), so I had to take a
different approach.

So, before I try my next (mis)adventure in this area, I thought I'd pose
some questions here.

1) Can you describe a hex grid within a Zone of a multi-zone grid,
and*not* have the grid have effect outside the zone you draw?  
2) Is it possible to have more than one hex grid on a Map, each drawn
within its own (non-overlapping) Zone?  And, will both of the grids
report proper locations and zone names in the text buffer, if otherwise
properly set up to?

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