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Wed Sep 13 16:32:51 CEST 2017

Hi Brent :).

Blog 1: If with the v4 way the module each player uses is checked
strictly then you will run into problems if extensions are still a part
of v4. If it unlikely that everyone has the same combination of
extensions installed. v3 Takes a single checksum to compare of module +
extensions. Often extensions don't change the game but just add some
scenarios setups or extra charts, which wouldn't break a logfile. Also,
it is possible to modify a module without changing how the game works.
E.g. in Combat Commander: Europe/Pacific I changed the mouse-over stack
viewer so it displays the hex coordinate. That change doesn't affect the
game, since it's not any piece definition that I changed. It would be a
bummer if v4 then blocked me from playing against others with that

Blog 3-5 scripting: Lua is used all-over as a game scripting language,
and although I don't know it (yet), imho it's a good choice.

Not touched on Blog: You did a comparison of scripting options, do you
think you will look at comparing file formats, as in XML v JSON v other?
I get a feeling things are leaning towards XML, but I am personally much
more in favor of JSON. I have no experience in using JSON with C/C++.

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