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Howdy Gents,

I hope you will forgive me for asking what so many of you will consider
to be "stupid questions".  I'm new to Vassal programming, almost as new
as I am to using it in games.  

I'm trying to do a good turn for two good men and a new good game,
Demyansk Shield.  The game was designed by Vance von Bories and
published by Randy Lien (Legion Wargames).  Sadly, neither of them,
having so many irons in the fire making new games for us all, have the
time to spare to make a Vassal Mod.

So, I'm doing my best and learning alot along the way.

I've a couple of situations I am going to need a bit of direction.

1. There is a handful of German units that are described as "untried". 
In game terms the German player places units drawn from a "cup" onto the
board in specific set up positions without knowing the ultimate strength
of that unit.  The opponent doesn't know either.  

What I think needs done is to create a "draw deck" that contains the
various possible counters (units) on the board in a Zone.  From that
deck, the German player can randomly draw those units during Set Up, and
at any time in the Reinforcement turns following when such "Untried"
units appear.  The stack must contain at start ALL of the possible
units, though as time passes on, the number left in the stack (or deck)
dwindles until you are left with the final one.  The deck cannot be

So, doing my best boy scout imitation has placed me in a position where
I will occasionally be "over my head".  Thus I hope you all will help
guide me to the correct solutions.  I do wish to do a good job for these
two venerated gentlemen (Vance and Randy).  

So, how to I properly construct such a "deck" so that it renews the mix
(reshuffles) with each beginning of a new game?

2. How do I properly choose the correct "Available Trait" to get a unit
sent to a "Dead Pool" (in fact there are multiple in the case of the
Soviets).  There are separate Zones for each Dead Pool.

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