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Stiglr allendkrsn at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 17 01:02:50 CEST 2017

OK... a group of 6 of us are attempting to start a multiplayer game of
Avalon Hill's Kingmaker.  We want to use the most recent 2.3 version of
the module.  Two of us have had experience with the 1.0 version of the

We tried to make an initial deal of Crown cards to begin the game. BUT:
it appears that when the "dealer" starts the game, and , he chooses a
faction, begins a first log file, and then deals the cards., he can see
"through" the cards for all factions.  Restrictions should limit a
player to only be able to "see" through, or to flip over, the cards for
his faction.

In an earlier game, this all worked properly, so, just as a sanity
check, I opened the old module, started a new game, selected a faction,
started a new log file, and tried a mock deal. Same thing: I could see
through all the players' cards. Then, when I saved the first log file,
and relaunched, either by double-clicking the log file or launching the
module and selecting Open Saved Game, I was never asked for a Password,
or asked to choose a faction.   And, once inside the file, and playing
it through to the end, I could see everything.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong here?

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