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#1  The German player needs draw the unit from the deck unseen until he
places it on the board.  Each such unit appears at a specific set up
location.  But you don't want the German player to be able to view the
unit and then place it in a less threatened location based upon its
combat values.  The unit needs to be unseen by either player until it is
placed on the map.  Once placed, then the German player must be allowed
to know what it is (and only the German player).  Only when the Soviet
player attacks a stack containing an unknown unit is he allowed to see
it, and only at the instant he declares combat, but not before he ends
movement (this way he cannot see it before combat and add more units to
the attack).  

#2 The Dead Pools are Zones on the Main Map.  The units drawn from the
deck need to go to the Main Map from which they will not return to the
deck.  Yes, the units move from the Main Map when the unit is attacked
and eliminated.  So, each unit individually needs to be "sent" to a Dead
Pool upon Elimination.  Such a unit may be rebuilt with replacement
points and thus return to the game (Main Map) by moving from a Dead Pool
to a "Building Pool".  There is no separate Zone on the Main Map for the
Building Pool because it is simply a small spot painted within the
various Dead Pools.  This means the players will manually choose a unit
in a Dead Pool and move it half an inch to the requisite Build Pool.  

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