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sfbaddict sfb at rogers.com
Thu Apr 5 15:14:50 CEST 2018

I had to 
On map clear the graphic for " mark unmoved" button icon.
On the game piece prototype for moved remove the "mark when moved trait"
The Moved prototype contains movement trail and a layer, always active
no image for first level, a moved graphic for second turned on by  alt M
command, and a reset level of alt J to go to no image level.
I have 3 definition s for ship subship and weapon that contain prototype
Numpad is a definition containing triggers and reports when a number pad
key it kit it issues a command to do Ctrl F (move forward definition),
issue a report to chat, and now alt M(moved definition)

The counters themselves contain  prototypes Movement, moved, and Unit
(ship, subship or weapon)  in that order. If not in that order it
doesn't work. 
definition movement is a sub-menu containing turn L, Right, move
forward, movement trail toggle, moved toggle, clear moved toggle)
Why movement needs to be at the top I don't understand yet

So I can now move a piece by the number pad and have it toggle on the
graphic moved. I can clear that graphic without clearing the  movement
trail history and toggling the trail off.

Module is sfb cadet module v2.6 to be uploaded within the week of this

Now I just have to figure out what command will clear the trail history.

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