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Sun Apr 15 17:26:43 CEST 2018

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Hi Peter,
I'm always ready to share my knowledge about TP:S, so if you want to
(re-)learn the game, I'm your man.  :D 
Maybe, it would be the right thing to play a B:N with you now, to
eventually learn all rules, but unfortunately, I was told that
practically all players in Vassal use the L2 rules nowerdays, so I
learned those. And you know, if you ask me for a game of TP:S, I would
think, great, let's start to have fun now, while if you ask for a B:N,
at the moment, I feel more like when I'm considering about to make my
annual tax report: It would be good, it should be done, maybe next week.
Well in fact, 15-20 years ago that was easier, we found a 'plausible'
way to play the game(B:N), by just deciding on several instances about
the interpretation of the rules and sticked to it, 'ALL' players used
the same rules. Face to face live play definitely has a lot of
advantages. But if you play via the internet with players around the
world, this doesn't work. 
The rules of B:N are complex, but it's definitely not the most complex
game that I've played. But beside many unclear parts of the rules, the
way the rules are presented, important sections scattered all over the
rules, makes it so hard to learn and play! Instead of repeating the
important parts or link them with the other important rules adding
something like: 'Read 18.4 for details' at end of 11.23, or 'Rules of
9.34 does not apply here', etc. 
The time difference could be a problem, but I'm sure we will find a good
solution for both of us, I live in Berlin, we have no closing hour here,
so the 'time' difference to the rest of Germany is quite sensible  :D If
you say, the party starts next Saturday at 8pm, the first people would
come around 10pm. A time, were in other parts of Germany , the first
people would almost start to consider going home again:-)

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