[messages] [Module Design] How can I simulate miscommunication between generals?

Leftblank jur.boorsma at gmail.com
Mon Apr 23 09:25:53 CEST 2018

Newbie question, sorry.
I'm trying to design a simple wargame campaign module that can act as an
AI referee or aid me as umpire when managing a campaign.
A gridmap, terrain and counters and different sides is easy. Crucial
however is the communication between generals from the same side.
I don't want them to communicate directly via email. I want them to
communicate just like all pre-modern armies, with
messages/orders/intelligence per aide-de-camp that are delayed or
intercepted or sometimes lost, thus creating fog of war.
How do I design such an option, that a player enters a form, creates a
message, and sends it via a courier to one of the other players who
automatically receives the message (or not if lost) after several turns,
depending on the terrain and the distance?

I could be the postmaster myself but that could be a heavy burden.

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