[messages] [Module Design] How can I simulate miscommunication between generals?

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Assuming reasonable players, there is the option of delayed messages that
can be written and then revealed later. This requires cooperation of the
players. If the message gets lost, then the player would discard the
message instead of revealing it.

Some ideas along this line can be found in  The Gamers CWBS (civil war
brigade series) rules.

On Mon, Apr 23, 2018, 4:11 AM Leftblank <jur.boorsma at gmail.com> wrote:

> Newbie question, sorry.
> I'm trying to design a simple wargame campaign module that can act as an
> AI referee or aid me as umpire when managing a campaign.
> A gridmap, terrain and counters and different sides is easy. Crucial
> however is the communication between generals from the same side.
> I don't want them to communicate directly via email. I want them to
> communicate just like all pre-modern armies, with
> messages/orders/intelligence per aide-de-camp that are delayed or
> intercepted or sometimes lost, thus creating fog of war.
> How do I design such an option, that a player enters a form, creates a
> message, and sends it via a courier to one of the other players who
> automatically receives the message (or not if lost) after several turns,
> depending on the terrain and the distance?
> I could be the postmaster myself but that could be a heavy burden.
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