[messages] [Module Support] Here Come the Rebs II GCACW

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Tue Aug 21 01:17:07 CEST 2018

Thus spake mathern:
> Hi,
> Just downloaded the module for the recently published [MMP] game 'The
> roads to Gettysburg II' Here come the Rebs. Which is the Sharpsburg mod.
> When i select the Maryland camapign scenario:
> the mod loads but reports:
> Bad data in module image not found C_Manpower_1.gif

There is some piece which refers to that image, but the image is
missing from the module.
> This results in the lower left side of the map not displaying and shows
> as a grey blank area.

The above error is not the the cause of the grey blank area in the lower
left of the map. The grey blank area corresponds to one of the images
supplied in the module itself (HCR2_7.jpg).

I don't have a copy of RTGII to hand, but it looks to me like the HCR
settup uses two standard-sized maps arranged in an L, hence the non-
playable area in the lower left.


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