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Mattp mpavone at firstlegionltd.com
Thu Aug 23 04:00:15 CEST 2018

You know, it's funny how one's perspective and which game someone played
first colors their opinions of the  other games.  I started with Storm
Over Arnhem when I was a kid, long before TPS was released.  I think I
got hooked on it after reading an old Series Replay in the General
magazine.  I had hours and hours of enjoyment playing that game.  I
think what I really liked about it was that it wasn't a monster game and
every game really seemed to come down to the wire.   There were
certainly key decisions to be made I always felt regarding trading time
for lives, how long to try to hold an area, etc...  Though in fairness
my experience with it was most likely colored by the fact that at the
time it was a radically different approach to wargaming with the shift
to areas/no hexes and the alternating impulse system which is what makes
those games great. 

When TPS came out, I of course got that one as well, but never really
enjoyed it quite as much.  I didn't like the several days refit, even if
it's more realistic.   It's also very much a grind so grand tactically
there didn't seem to be a lot of decisions to make.  But I suppose
that's how the battle was....  

I also have BKN and have played it many times (though not for a LONG
TIME).  Enjoyed that one as well, though I see what you mean about it
feeling scripted to some extent and complaints about the Germans being
devastated for moving.  I always enjoyed Fortress Europa more....

I also have Thunder at Casino and Monty's Gamble, though I've never
played either.  

Ahh...ASL...greatest game ever made.  I tend to play ASL about every 5
years then I stop because it becomes too all engrossing (ie. it takes
over my life).   So I quit cold turkey after usually about 15-20 Vasl
games and maybe an RBCGIII (or two).   Then inevitably I'll get drawn
back into it five or so years late, rinse and repeat.   I think I may be
one of the few on earth who prefer VASL to actually using the counters
for this one...in fact, I've played it using maps/counters probably 5
times but around a hundred VASL games over the past 20 years...

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