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Gryff ml_berlin at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 25 02:42:36 CEST 2018

And Mattp, you are right, the order of 'appearance' can change for
oneself the perspective of a game, but there are so many other factors,
like: With whom you have played that? Was he experienced and showed you
the ropes? Or a beginner like yourself ?
Was that game long awaited?  Did you buy it solely or did you buy 4-5
games at once and one of the others were just better or more popular
amongst your friends ?
However, in the end, I think, it only counts when you want to play that
game. If ASL were 'the best game ever made' I see no reason why you
shoudn't play it. I would guess from what you wrote, it fails, even for
you, in the the 3rd category: Fun/work ratio.
If you would ask me about the 'best game', I would answer Paths of
Glory. I never had satoris in another game, often eurekas, but never a
satori, an illumination. I had several while playing PoG, this game has
so many level of understanding. The first I had, when I understood that
the board was just one from 4 different races going on, and that you
fall behind in another race if you push forward in this or the next one.
PoG is very balanced, especially for a cdg.
The last satori I had, when I had been consecutive internet champion for
2 years, several hundreds of games under my belt, and in the 3rd year I
played vs a player who made from the beginning 'wrong decisions' in our
championship match, I think it was the semifinals.
I was rather surprised that he came so far in the tournament. Well, to
make a long story short, he crushed me, he had developed a brand new
strategy with focus on the Russians and the Eastfront, while retreating
in the West and entrenching at the Rhine.
It was too late in the game to react approbiately, but like a Christmas
tree, where suddenly all lights go on, I saw his plays and actions in
I know now how Spasski felt, when he was beaten by Bobby Fischer :-)

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