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Tue Jan 2 01:04:00 CET 2018


I'm really stumped by the strange behaviour of a Trigger Action. I would
be grateful if anyone could help out.

I'm building a module for an air game. Counters represent individual
aircraft and it uses a hex grid. I've programmed 3 keys with basic moves
- forward 1 hex, rotate left 60 degrees & rotate right 60 degrees. So
far so good, the commands work correctly for any orientation of the
counters and I can move my aircraft around the map using these basic

But now I want to build more complicated manoeuvres by combining 2 or
more of the basic moves in Trigger Actions which I can then invoke with
a single keypress. For example, a 'Right Turn' will consist of 3 basic
commands; forward 1 hex + forward 1 hex + rotate right 60 degrees. And a
'Tight Right Turn' will consist of 2 basic commands; forward 1 hex +
rotate right 60 degrees.

The problem is the 'Right Turn' Trigger Action does not work correctly -
it does not move the counter correctly unless the counter begins
upright. In all other orientations it moves the counter into the wrong
hex or does not move it at all. The _really_ baffling thing is the
'Tight Right Turn' Trigger Action works perfectly.

In this screenshot the plane on the left shows what should happen if you
turn a full circle by executing 6 'Right Turn' TAs. The plane on the
right shows what actually happens.
<!-- ia0 -->demo.jpg<!-- ia0 -->

I think it must have to do with the 'Can Rotate' trait but I've spent
most of today trying all kinds of variations without any success.

I have a cut-down version of the module demonstrating the problem but
its still too big to be attached here (its 890k). Here is a Dropbox


Can someone please take a look at this?

Thank you.


My system:
AMD Athlon II 630 (4 cores), 4 GB RAM, Linux Mint 17.3, Java -
1.7.0_151, OpenJDK Runtime - IcedTea 2.6.11, VASSAL 3.2.17.
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