[messages] [Module Design] Strange behaviour from a Trigger Action - please help.

shilinski stan at hilinski.net
Tue Jan 2 12:09:03 CET 2018

I have been having some problems with triggers myself (when use to
create composite commands), so I messed around with your test module. 

First off, you should do some things, which I did, to put more light on
the matter. In your hex grid, right click it and create hex labels--and
print them on the map. Big help. Second, insert reports in your piece to
report locations associated with your ctrl-L et. al. commands. 

When I did this, I discovered some oddities. The big one for my problem
is Vassal doesn't update a piece's current location until it completely
finishes a trigger. For example, if the trigger moves it from location X
to Y, each discrete command in the trigger will report it as being in
its starting location X. This answers why my trigger problems occur and
is a very unfortunate "feature."

But that doesn't help you. Here's what I found for you. I created
another trigger command for your piece that advances it forward twice
with no turns. When I executed that command, the plane would only fly 2
hexes due east, west, north, or south. Never NE, SE, NW, or SW. Another

It appears to me that triggers have several side effects that makes them
risky and unpredictable.

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