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panther 2010 ares_ubris at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 2 21:33:07 CET 2018

Well, apparently, given the many interventions in this regard, the old
question concerning the possibility or not to create Vassal modules for
the old SPI games is still the subject of discussion.

When, in 2010, I discovered the existence of Vassal, I was very
surprised not to find practically any module of the old SPI games to
download from the Module section.

Subsequently, I became aware of the fact that the company that currently
owns the copyright of most of them (Decision Games) had expressly
requested to forbid uploading of modules of SPI games on the Vassal
website  : "VASSAL is not allowed to host this file or provide external
links to the module in accordance to the wishes of the present Copyright

Now, one thing should be clear to everyone: what is currently prohibited
is the sole fact of uploading Vassal modules of SPI games or provide
external links to the module in the Vassal site.

None can prevent a guy in possession of an old SPI game from making a
Vassal module "for his personal use" (here, in my humble opinion, human
stupidity has reached its peak).

None, likewise, can prevent who have developed a Vassal module for an
SPI game to report it on one of the boardgames related sites, such as
Boardgamegeek and Comsimworld.

Moreover, as an AHIKS member, I have also noticed that in the last "K"
(the AHIKS newsletter) in the "Open Match Requests"  section there are
numerous requests for old SPI games with a match code of "V" which means
the use of a Vassal module for these matches. There were requests for
Armageddon, Battle For Germany, Flight of the Goeben, The Green Field
Beyond, Renaissance of Infantry and Seelowe.

This is the striking demonstration that SPI game modules exist and are
available somewhere; the only real limitation is therefore that these
modules cannot be uploaded to the Vassal website.

I believe, therefore, that anyone who wants to do this, can build a
Vassal module for their favorite SPI games without bothering to violate
any copyright.

Too bad that it is not possible to upload them to the Vassal site!


Panther 2010.


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