[messages] [Module Design] Trouble Scaling Images for Vassal

Joel Uckelman uckelman at nomic.net
Wed Jan 3 04:12:05 CET 2018

Thus spake twenck:
> I am fortunate in that the games for which I am designing modules, the
> publisher has provided the counter and map image art files -- no
> scanning!  However, the pixel size used for the counter art does not
> match the map art, and the counters have to be reduced.
> The native counter art files are 100x100 pixels, and they need to be
> reduced to 88x88 max in order to fit the hexes on the map.
> I have tried various methods of scaling the images in GIMP and in Image
> Magick.  The resulting 88x88 images always have a reduced image quality
> on the counter art and text -- somewhat blurred compared to the original
> 100x100 images.

If you're downscaling a bitmap at something other than a ratio of 1/n,
and n is not an integer, then you will necessarily lose sharpness when
you do it.

I'm having a hard time understanding why the publisher would have
created the art at incompatible bitmap resolutions.

* Are you certain that the original art was done as bitmaps?
* Are you certain that you have the original art?

If you are stuck with these bitmaps, you may have more success upscaling
the map by about 13%, rather than downscaling the pieces.

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