[messages] [Module Design] Strange behaviour from a Trigger Action - please help.

shilinski stan at hilinski.net
Wed Jan 10 20:48:48 CET 2018

I’ve thought of this (and tried it), but it works only if there is one
path of commands. 

Suppose I have an airplane piece. I implement a bunch of discrete,
independent commands to go straight 1 space, turn left, turn right, etc.
When I right-click it, I have a choice of number of airplane maneuvers.
I choose “go straight 1 space, turn left, go straight 1 space” from
a list of similar maneuvers.

The logical way to do this is to implement a trigger that executes in
sequence “straight, left, straight.” (BTW, this won’t work because
of trigger’s limitations.) 

To implement trigger “listeners” as you suggest, when the plane
executes “straight,” it would have to know what to do next—left,
right, straight, etc. Triggers don’t implement if-then-else, so
implementing this becomes very complicated and impractical. And it may
not be possible, I don’t know. I could go on explaining the logic, but
I suggest doing it yourself.

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