[messages] [Module Design] Best way to implement counters, please ?

kerkael kerkael at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 18:07:36 CET 2018


I wish i knew the best way / nicest solution to implement counters in a
_For terraforming mars, each of the 5 players has 12 different counters
needed : money & money income ; titanium and titanium income ; plants
and plants income ... Thats 60 required counters !!!
In addition to the 4 global counters (Generation (or round), Lakes
number, Oxygen Level, Temp level) which are easy to represent, the
original board game uses colored cubes for each player counter._

__I wish it was possible to implement some scroll bar to adapt the
income levels ... from -5 to +40. How to do that graphicaly ?

Do you have a module I can get inspiration from ?__


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