[messages] [Module Design] Best way to implement counters, please ?

kerkael kerkael at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 18:21:12 CET 2018

So far, I created an At-start stack for each of my players incomes : 6
for each. that's 30 At-start stack :(.
And it's a single Piece ... It seems strange to me to consider a label
with a number as a piece players could move during the game.
Should I make it impossible to move ? I can't see how.
Plus I don't see if it's possible to handle the Income and the Reserve
together. I will succeed, but if I could see any game implemented that
way, I would download the module and check how you guys have done. (and
it's too sad not to use the nice boards from Terraforming Mars, but it's
really impossible to handle this by moving cubes).
Unless you consider that the Cube, as a basic piece, defines the Global
Property value by its position ???? and vice-versa ???? Can I do that ?

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