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fingersmcknee fingers.mcknee at gmail.com
Sat Jan 20 03:17:33 CET 2018

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your interest in the game. This is a PBEM game (not live). We
keep the game moving by setting a goal of less than 2-3 days between
each power's impulse. The group we have has done a good job of taking
their turns fairly quickly when they are up.

We plan to use the 500th anniversary edition, latest module. I believe
the differences between 500th and the prior edition is fairly small.

For diplomacy, we typically pause the game for about 5 days to one week,
giving players time to email each other to suggest and discuss possible
agreements. Diplomacy is sometimes completed a bit faster and we always
keep negotiations open if needed so that no one is rushed.

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