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Skotkolr skotkolr at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 20 07:38:41 CET 2018

I am kinda confused with your indifference to a "free option".  I do not
know of any role playing utility you can "buy" and build maps with in a
multiplayer online environment. Building a map or anything in inkscape
or Gimp is a single person/artist program, but again "free" and full use
capable from installation.  So what is your need for a paid system?
Instruction for these programs, (Maptools, Inkscape, Gimp) are all all
over youtube and the internet.  So you can get visual and written
assistance with these "free" programs.  I have been using inkscape and
Gimp to assemble the maps for War in the East and The War in Europe to
begin an insane idea to make a vassal module for those two old war
games.  I have had to ask the INTERNET questions all week and everyone
of those questions was answered instantly with the procedures to get
done what I needed to do, and honestly I am not digital artist so I am
happy with how the map has come together.

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