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wga bill at wargameacademy.org
Tue Jan 23 17:19:42 CET 2018

There is a current issue when Macintosh users update to 10.11 with new
java 8 update 151 that Vassal no longer runs.   java 8 update 91 is the
last version that I know that works.  I have two users retroactively go
back to java 8 update 91 to regain functionality.  (Tim Sinnigen used a
time machine backup to go back to 10.10.x and Java 8 update 91), the
other went to an Apple Store to have hard drive wiped and OS reinstalled
with java 8 update 91).  The latter (Greg Smith) alerted me how to
change Macintosh update settings so java is not updated.  I do not know
how to alert others.  If I put it somewhere in the forum, people with
not find it until after they lose vassal functionality  Many basic
vassal users are likely not aware of the forum.  I sent this message to
Joel Uckelman last week to post as he feels appropriate.   Sun Systems
controls Java.  Apple controls Mac OS, Microsoft controls Windows,
Vassal controls none of these. 

Regards, Bill Thomson, bill at wargameacademy.org[1]

For those running MacOS 10.8.6+
-Updating IOS and Java
-Before updating check the Vassal site for comparable version (currently
Java 8 Update 91).
-Before updating IOS Go to Settings and Choose Java (near the bottom)
-Open Java Control Panel
-Select Advanced
-Be sure Update button is set on Never Allow.  If it isn’t select that
option and select APPLY.  Enter computer’s password.

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