[messages] [Module Design] Very Strange Vassal Problem

twenck hth9 at comcast.net
Sat Jan 27 16:13:45 CET 2018


1. I attempted to run some other modules that I and others have used for
weeks.  They also now refuse to tile showing the spinning wheel.

2.  I successfully ran these "broken" modules on another computer -- big

3.  Problem completely fixed after going back from Java 8.161 to 8.144
(Windows 10)

Before going back to a previous version of Java, I had removed all map
images, leaving game piece images and the modules would tile.  Putting
back the maps one at a time -- some would run, some would not -- leads
me to believe the Java 8.161 problem has something to do with the
filename of the maps.  I did not think of this until after reverting to
Java 8.144 so I did not test by changing map filenames.

I will do that as it would be good to run the latest version of Java if


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