[messages] [Module Support] A House Divided - some ideas

JimSB jsbny at embarqmail.com
Sun Jan 28 01:04:10 CET 2018

I actually learned how to modify Vassal and added all of these features.
 I gave it to my current opponent for our private use, but what do I do
with it after that?  Also, I used the graphics from Alan Emrich's
proposed 4th edition counters from his Special Living Edition 3.1 rule
package that was put out in 2006.  He specifically copyrighted the rules
themselves,  but not the play aids and the proposed counters.  Is this a
problem?   I can work up my own graphics if needed.  Also, the current
AHD module seems to use his graphics, so there may have been an
agreement in the past.  Since Alan Emrich's gaming site seems to have
disappeared, I can't ask him for permission.

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