[messages] [Technical Support & Bugs] logfiles do not save

Caesar52 vikingvii at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 1 22:11:53 CEST 2018

HP 15
Windows 10
Intel Pentium N3540
4 GB; 500 GB hard drive
I am trying to start a PBEM game with someone and trying to see how PBEM
works with vassal.  The problem is when I go to File-> Begin Logfile the
routing window opens to where it will save. In order to get on with the
game I must close it. To do that I must name the file and save. Then
when I have finished my move I go to File->End Logfile, and then it is
time to see if I have done it right. I close the game and open the file
where the game is saved, and I find there is a saved file with the name
I gave it. So I go to Vassal library, open the module and choose that
file, but when the game opens, it opens as a new game. Nothing is saved.
No chat lines, no moves, no comments, nothing. It's as if I just opened
a new game. I have no file I can send my opponent. This situation is
with me as the first player and initiating a new game.

Seems to me, what tiny bit I know, the file should open when I click End
Logfile, not when I click open logfile. But I'm not very computer
literate. Anyway, can someone tell me what I, or the computer, or the
app, whichever, is doing wrong? :(

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