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xsquared martin.mackenzie at orange.fr
Fri Jul 6 10:06:38 CEST 2018

Hi Lee,

I may be interested - don't know the game, but am well familiar with
Vassal and how that works. You probably have a better idea of how the
game would work in pbem mode ?!   Also, I don't have the game, and often
a Vassal module doesn't contain ALL the essential play-aids - to protect
the company(s sales of the physical game. I can download, rules,
playbook and PlayAid 1, but I think there are two play-aids in the game.
Do you own the game ? Do you have all the tables and charts needed?

Let me know how you feel - taking it slow to start - I've other
commitments, but can usually get to a 'simpler' game turn on a daily

Contact me directly on 

martin.mackenzie at orange.fr[1]

We'll discuss it further


[1] mailto:martin.mackenzie at orange.fr

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