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Caesar52 vikingvii at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 7 01:47:10 CEST 2018

Here is a list of games I own. Normandy '44; Ukraine '43; Holland '44;
No Retreat French and Polish Fronts; Twin Peaks; Dead of Winter; Supreme
Commander; Unconditional Surrender: At Any Cost. A Victory Lost; A
Victory Denied. (Vietnam 1965-1975 VG. See P.S. below ) This is not my
entire collection, and I do buy games from companies other than GMT, but
these are the ones that appeal to me most. Mention some titles you like
and if I have the rules or you can get them to me, I'll play. :D 

People might ask "when do you have time to play all those games?" Well,
I'm retired, :D  that helps. But I'm thinking PBEM. PBEM should allow
one to play many games. :idea:   Also, collecting is as much a part of
the hobby as playing. As the old saying goes, "he who dies with the most
games, wins." :wink: 
Looking forward to hearing from you.

(My Vietnam module is screwed up right now. The pacification map does
not open. I only get the top bar and it won't expand. I have someone
looking into it, and so should be feeling better soon.) :cry:

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