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Popestar ghost.popestar at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 20:59:36 CEST 2018

So, Does Not Stack is not working like I thought it would here.  In
fact, the boards are doing some weird stuff.

So I've got a center board and 4 L-shaped boards, which I can lay down
normally.  I have pieces that I can lay down on top of them, and I can
move the pieces around as I need to.  However, if I have a piece on an
L-Shaped Board near the corner of the center board and I try to move it,
I end up moving the center board.  This causes the boards to move
without me wanting them to AND it causes the pieces in the game to get
lost, shuffled around, etc.

I still don't know how to lock the board pieces into place.  I want to
set the board pieces down and make them so they can't be selected or
moved once they are set.  How do I accomplish this?

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