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JoelCFC25 jkoepp at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 26 15:01:11 CEST 2018

A valid VASSAL module that can be opened by the program is a file with a
.vmod suffix.  However, a .vmod file is simply a zipfile with the file
suffix changed.  Depending on what browser you are using and how you
downloaded the file, it's possible that it was auto-detected as a
zipfile and something on your system decided to "helpfully" unzip it for
you. The folder you're looking at with the contents you listed are what
you'd end up with if you unzipped a module. 

You either need to package that folder's contents back into a zipfile
and rename it, or try a different browser for the original download
which will not alter the file on the fly when the download completes.

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