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jzedward john at edwardsnetwork.com
Sat Jun 2 11:18:51 CEST 2018

I am working on a wargame module, which flips counters to reduced values
eg 5-10-12 becomes 2-5-12. 

Defined Property 'data' is set to "5-10-12", which I would like to
change to "2-5-12" on a keystroke. The reduced value could easily be
held in a second property ('data-reduced'). It looks like I want to do
this with a layer change, but I cannot see an obvious way to do it.
Clearly I could have the values in img files and change the layer image
overlay with a keystroke, but I want to change the data, not an image
(and have the property accessible in a property sheet)

Dynamic properties may offer something but I con't have a clear idea...

To complicate the issue, Artillery reduces from eg "6-1-18" to "6d1-18"
so incr/decrement a number property in the layer is not all that is

Help welcome, thanks in advance

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