[messages] [Module Design] Layer update Game Piece property

jzedward john at edwardsnetwork.com
Sat Jun 2 18:33:31 CEST 2018

answering my own q. 

I decided not to do this with a layer, as layers are really about image
overlays. I am using a Dynamic Property on a GamePiece Prototype to
display and change the value(s). I define 5-10-12 as the base, and have
a dynamic change to 2-5-12 on 'reduce' (ctrl-shift-r) I have added a
revert to 5-10-12 as a flip back too.
Took some time to ensure that the other properties displayed too; that
was down to Trait order.
If anyone knows how I could drive this from a 'flip' of entered
properties I'd be interested. Now lets see if I can concatenate 3
properties into a single value...

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