[messages] [Opponents Wanted] I'm a Moderately Experienced Wargamer, I Play the Following

DJaye djrost_2000 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 9 03:22:07 CEST 2018

I'm in Eastern US Time Zone.

Games I've played on Vassal: Avalon Hill's 1776 (2nd Ed, willing to try
3rd Ed), Afrika Korps, D-Day and War at Sea.  Steve Jackson Games Raid
on Iran

Games I've played and would like to try on Vassal: Avalon Hill's Panzer
Leader, Wooden Ships & Iron Men and Blitzkrieg, Clash of Arms The Speed
of Heat, GDW's Air Superiority and Air Strike (and I have Desert
Falcons).  Steve Jackson Games OGRE.

Games I haven't played but I have the rules for and would like to try on
Vassal: Avalon Hill's 1914, Air Assault on Crete, Alexander the Great,
Anzio, Bismarck, Caesar at Alesia, Caesar's Legions, Chancellorsville,
Circus Maximus, Civilization, Dune, France 1940, Freedom in the Galaxy,
Gettysburg (preferably '77), Gladiator, Guadalcanal, Jutland, Kingmaker,
The Longest Day, Luftwaffe, Machiavelli, Midway, Panzerblitz,
Richtofen's War, Siege of Jerusalem, Stalingrad, Starship Troopers,
Arab-Israeli Wars, Submarine, Tobruk, Victory in the Pacific, War and
Peace, War at Sea II, Waterloo, and Clash of Arm's Summer Storm

I'll play either PBEM or live play.

If any of these games are of interest please PM me.

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