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ChuckS csutherlandewr at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 15:42:40 CEST 2018

Layers are actually easy once you understand them. Best way I think to
use layer is to make them always active, assign the front of the counter
to image 1, make image 2 the reduced side. Assign CTRL F as the increase
button so that when you press control F it will flip from image 1 to
image 2.

I have a deck of chits that I assigned image 1 as the hidden cover for
the chit, image 2 is the full strength side and image 3 is the reduced
strength side. I did the above and when I hit control F is unhides the
unit in effect to the full strength side. Another control f and it is
the reduced side. I also assigned ALT R as a reset key to put it back to
the hidden side. That way when I used the return to deck function, I can
use a trigger to intercept the shit D ( assigned key to return to deck
for me) I can issue an alt r to reset the counter before it returns to
deck thus making it always show the hidden side in the deck.

Layers are a great tool, please take the time to learn how to use them,
if you need help PM me I will show you what I know about them.

Good luck!

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