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DrNostromo drnostromo at drnostromo.com
Thu Jun 14 17:47:51 CEST 2018

Deck and grids have nothing to do with this.

There's a property on the Does Not Stack trait that gives you the
options to Select and/or Move a piece. If you set the move to Never, it
cannot be moved.

If the piece begins the game at a specific location, than create it as
an At-Start Stack and include the Does Not Stack trait to make it

As far as pieces covering up other pieces... you can set up map layers
to prevent this. Right-click the [Map Window] where you wish to layer
pieces and select "Add Game Piece Layers".  In the properties, give it a
name like  MapLayers
Then create your list of layers. NOTE: the first layer named in your
list is the bottommost layer on the map. So, you may end up with a list


Then you want to add a Marker trait to your pieces. Give it a Property
Name of MapLayers and the Property Value would be the name of the level
you want it on.

Once completed, card will always be over tokens, which will be over
tiles, which will be over anything on the map level.

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