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gdaudin gdaudin at mac.com
Sun Jun 24 22:26:29 CEST 2018

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I am trying to update an existing module (Les Maréchaux), because the
hidden units can be flipped by all players. I am in the middle of a game
and want to continue it.

I went into the module and added a "Mask" trait to all units (as
Prototype have no effect on units on the map), allowing only the owner
to mask it and setting the display at "Plain".

Then I went to the procedure to update saved game.

The bad behavior does not change. I must have done something wrong, but
I do not have a clue about what it is. It is the first time I explore
the module editor.

Adding a "Hide all Pieces" button to the main map does not work either,
so I must be doing something rather fundamental wrong...

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